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GCalToolkit runs on any version of Windows from XP to Windows 10 . It requires a recent Java installation (1.7, 1.8 or 9) which you can get from Oracle if you don't already have it. Click here for more information:
For very high-resolution screens please use the latest Java 9 JRE to ensure that text is displayed at readable sizes.

Most Windows machines already have Java so you won't have to install it yourself. If you have any trouble starting GCalToolkit please get in touch. During installation your browser might block pop-ups, and you may have to "Allow Download" before your browser prompts you to SAVE or RUN the installer.

On Internet Explorer you may see additional security alerts, and Windows SmartScreen might display a warning about me being an unknown developer with a large "Don't Run" button; click on "More Info' instead and you'll see a button to install anyway. Whenever you download any software from the internet please ensure that you have up-to-date antivirus software so you can safely ignore these default security warnings.

The FREE VERSION of GCalToolkit is fully functional for small calendars of up to 500 events, and will download 500 events maximum for larger calendars.


Download GCalToolkit for Mac

Click above to download GCalToolkit Trial/Full version for macOs (10.7.4 and above),  double-click the downloaded DMG file to open it, then drag the GCalToolkit icon to the Applications folder icon to install. Finally, click/drag the GCalToolkit Application icon into your Dock if you would like a shortcut. On recent Mac systems with "GateKeeper" you may have to change the Security Settings to "App Store & Known Developers" if it is set to "App Store Only" to allow GCalToolkit to install.

To purchase GCalToolkit "Unlimited " version directly from the Mac App Store please click the button below instead, then install as you would any Mac application. Purchases come with the same full support that you get if you purchase from this website, but Apple take a 30% cut.


JAVA GCalToolkit for Linux, macOs or Windows

To run GCalToolkit as a Java application please download from the following link. This is the smallest possible download for GCalToolkit (5MB), and is exactly the same as the MAC and new PC version. If you have problems please update your Java installation to the latest version. The ZIP file contains a JAR file and a "lib" folder - no installation is necessary, just decompress the ZIP anywhere on your machine, and double-click the JAR file.

DOWNLOAD GCalToolkit for Java

GCalToolkit Cracks and Serials

If you came here looking for a GCalToolkit crack or serial... you have come to the right place ;-) Before you do something as stupid as installing a keygen on your precious machine, I can save you the trouble as I have tested most of the cracks and serials on youtube and torrent sites: not only will none of them actually get you GCalToolkit for free, but without exception they install malware and/or spyware to your machine which could put your computer and Google account at serious risk. If you really are too poor to pay for the tools you need, then please drop me a line explaining your situation, and what you could offer do for GCalToolkit in lieu of payment - the worst thing that can happen is that I might say no.


GCalToolkit Feature List

  • Load multiple calendars from a Google Calendar account. This allows you to remove duplicates that are spread across several calendars (and select a "preferred calendar" in which to leave the original event), and search, delete, view or export events across multiple calendars within a single account.
  • Make mass changes to "Busy/Free" status, Privacy, "Guests Can Modify", and Reminders based on your chosen filters and/or manual selection.
  • Copy/Move events between calendars within an account. This allows you to split a calendar into several secondary calendars. For example, you can move all events with "Birthday" in the title to a new "Birthdays" calendar... or move all your "Busy" events into a separate "Busy" calendar... or put all your repeat events into a "Recurring Events" calendar.
  • New! Shift events forwards or backwards in time, and create duplicate events to repeat at regular intervals: when you copy/move you can check the option "Shift Events" to change the time/date of all the highlighted/visible events. This lets you replicate days, weeks or even entire months without having to copy each event by hand. This can be very useful for rescheduling timetables or  work shifts that follow patterns that do not work well with ordinary repeats. Although this function can also be used to create "fake" repeats please consider using genuine repeats whenever possible. The shift function will also allow you to change the time/date for repeat events, but be prepared for some strange results if you have complex repeat rules or exceptions; as usual please back up first.
  • Make mass changes to your reminders: With GCalToolkit you can reset thousands of reminders to either the default reminder (pop-up, email or SMS to be configured in your calendar settings), or no reminder at all.

  • Case Sensitive/Insensitive text filtering with positive or negative search, and regex support
  • Automatically attach Google Drive files to calendar events (see options for help)
  • Column hide/show and sorting for most event proprties
  • Totals display for edits/deletes/copy/move etc
  • Improved logic to eliminate unnecessary event updates
  • Colour coded cell backgrounds when events are marked for edit, copy, move, delete etc.
  • Total control of spreadsheet output columns
  • Sort, filter and edit with any criteria: e.g set all meetings before 2017 to private and move them into a different calendar

Please export your Google Calendars as an iCal File (under Settings > Calendars > "Export") BEFORE using GCalToolkit - the software is very safe, but too powerful to use without making a backup first.


Please note that if you only need to remove duplicates from your calendar, the ONLINE TOOL at may be easier for you to use, and faster than the Desktop software. However, the Desktop software does have extra power for advanced searching & editing. Purchase of a 1 year or UNLIMITED licence entitles you to use ANY version of GCalToolkit (including updates).


  • Remove any number of duplicate events in minutes
  • Clean up failed Syncs/Imports with ease
  • List / Delete events between specified dates
  • List / Delete events by the date they were created in Google Calendar
  • List / Delete events based on event type and text/dates filters
  • Export filtered/sorted event list to spreadsheet
  • Mass edits to Text, Reminders, Free/Busy, Privacy, Reminders, Guests Can Modify
  • Need GCalToolkit to do something else? Let me know.
  • FREE TRIAL - Online Tool max 500 events
  • In a rush? Don't trust yourself to get it right? For €59, I WILL DO IT ALL FOR YOU
  • THE FULL VERSION licence are for one business user or household on unlimited Google Calendars
  • Secure payment on PayPal - most Credit Cards accepted, no Paypal account needed
  • Save & Continue Sessions
  • Use the Online GCalToolkit for most problems on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad...
  • Windows GCalToolkit for all versions of Microsoft WINDOWS 
  • Expert help & technical support for all FULL VERSION users for ALL Google Calendar Problems!

The FULL VERSION is valid for one household (or one business user) on unlimited Google Calendars. The Full Version allows you to process ALL EVENTS on ALL your Google Calendars. Please keep your account details private; Google place a limit on the number of daily requests software such as GCalToolkit can perform, so it's just not fair to everyone else if you hand out your details to all your colleagues and friends... and our server will detect multiple installations. Accounts may be suspended if misused, so please, one household... one business user. An Enterprise licence is available for organisations with multiple calendar accounts, and can be compiled for you (if needed) with your own API credentials. not affiliated with or endorsed by Google Inc.
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