Maintain & Repair Google Calendars with GCalToolkit

  • Remove any number of duplicate events in minutes
  • Clean up failed Syncs/Imports with ease
  • Delete/Copy/Move events between specified dates
  • Delete/Copy/Move events by the date they were created in Google Calendar
  • Edit events based on text/date filters
  • Export filtered/sorted event list to CSV
  • Color code events in bulk
  • Search/Replace text anywhere in your calendar
  • Make mass edits to nearly any event property
  • Add GDrive files automatically using filename patterns
  • Right-click to view events directly in Google Calendar
  • Shift/Copy groups of events in time - perfect for repeating irregular schedules
  • Want GCalToolkit to do something else? Let me know.
  • FREE TRIAL - Full functionality for up to 500 events
  • Over 4000 satisfied users from all over the world
  • 100% money-back guarantee!
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Maintain & Organise Google Tasks with GTasksToolkit.

  • Filter, Search, Edit and Organise Google Tasks with ease
  • Import and Export GTasks or Lists
  • Move tasks to a new parent with Drag & Drop
  • Move tasks easily between GTask lists
  • Restore deleted Tasks
  • FREE TRIAL - No Import/Export or View/Restore deleted GTasks
  • 100% money-back guarantee!
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Delete duplicate events from Google Calendar.

Fix calendar sync problems and undo failed imports.

Delete calendar events based on date, type or content  

Copy events to any calendar, keep or delete Guests.

Shift schedules forwards or backwards, preserving exceptions.

Backup and archive events by date or type  

Edit in bulk: text, reminders, availability, privacy, event colors and more

Add attachments automatically from Google Drive.

Search & Replace anything, anywhere!  

Trusted software at a fair price

Expert personal support from the developer.

Secure payment & money-back guarantee  

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you providing this program. It saved me so much time and grief. I had exported my outlook calendar from Exchange to Google Calendar. All of the repeating events were imported as single events in Google. In the absence of this program, I would have had to delete each one individually. I had nearly 3,000 to delete. (Rick T.)"


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